Monday, 29 March 2010

“If you want to attend the wedding, please clear this game”

Unusual invitations sent by a German couple

"I want to send out invitations something that the memorable!" gamer couple thought, came up with a swirl of ideas and thought is...

The Germany gamer couple Darina and Niko are planning their wedding and struggle idea of invitations and something that they want to remember for the participants.
"We can send invitation made by the game!!”
So, couple came up with the idea of "a game that included the original invitation” you cannot get details of their wedding without clearing the game.
As you might “unforgettable invitation”!

The game/invitation is "Super Mario" style action game. Players choose from Nico or Darina and help other character kidnapped by the bad gorilla.

The title is "Darina & Niko's Incredible Adventure ". You can listen to their great harmony at the end.

CD is also recorded the game's soundtrack and the NG of the collection.
The game has been released to the public, and is available for download here.

I'd like to receive this unique invitation but I was just wondering if I could not clear the game, would I still be invited to the wedding????

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