Thursday, 11 February 2010

*Old tradition made new*


Make your special day, something to remember with this tradition of pulling with sterling silver charms which has special meaning. 
The custom of wedding cake pulling dates back to the Victorian era in England, when the bride hid sterling silver charms under the wedding cake.

The bride would have each of her bridesmaids and flower girls (as well as other important women in her life) pull a charm from the cake before cake-cutting ceremony.

Each sterling silver charm has a special meaning that brings good fortune or luck.  So this is a lovely way for your wedding guests to share the fun. 

If you prefer this fun ceremony, you can use at your bridal     shower or hen's or hen's party to share with your closest friends and family.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Joy at Garden


Are you planning a garden wedding ceremony/reception?

A garden wedding can be romantic, elegant, cheerful and lots of fun.  Gardens are ideal for celebrating your special day, no matter the time of year and provide a beautiful backdrop.

There is variety of locations you could hold your wedding, as well as Public park, historic buildings, country Bed & Breakfasts and your own backyard or that of friends/relatives.

One of my favourite garden is here in Hamilton.  There are many different theme gardens, English, Chinese, Japanese, American, India, Italian etc
Hamilton Gardens is only five minutes from where I live.  So I sometimes go there for a short work, picnic and many events all year round. 

Find out if any other events are being held there on your wedding day.  Otherwise your guests can't find a car park or you could miss out of a photo opportunity by crowded people.

When I visit there, sometimes I see the weddings held at the gardens and I am going to Hamilton Gardens for a wedding next month, so I am looking forward to it and I would like to share with you soon.