Saturday, 6 February 2010

Joy at Garden


Are you planning a garden wedding ceremony/reception?

A garden wedding can be romantic, elegant, cheerful and lots of fun.  Gardens are ideal for celebrating your special day, no matter the time of year and provide a beautiful backdrop.

There is variety of locations you could hold your wedding, as well as Public park, historic buildings, country Bed & Breakfasts and your own backyard or that of friends/relatives.

One of my favourite garden is here in Hamilton.  There are many different theme gardens, English, Chinese, Japanese, American, India, Italian etc
Hamilton Gardens is only five minutes from where I live.  So I sometimes go there for a short work, picnic and many events all year round. 

Find out if any other events are being held there on your wedding day.  Otherwise your guests can't find a car park or you could miss out of a photo opportunity by crowded people.

When I visit there, sometimes I see the weddings held at the gardens and I am going to Hamilton Gardens for a wedding next month, so I am looking forward to it and I would like to share with you soon.

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